Surprise Kitten on 21st Birthday

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Since some people are saying I am cruel because I put the kitten in the bag, the kitten was left in the bathroom free until it was time to surprise my friend. So when I gave her the card to read, I rushed to the bathroom and the kitten was somehow in the bathtub, so I grabbed him and slipped a bow on him and placed him in the bag. He was only in the bag for barely a minute. My friend screams in absolute joy when she saw what we got her!!!

If you just want to get to the surprise part then go all the way to minute 5:00 or 6:00.

My friend Sarah lives with me and my mom because we get along so well. I wanted another cat in the house even though I had 2 girls already and I wanted a boy in the house, so I was asking my mom for months if we could get a kitten. Then a trip to the vets was like fate!! The vet had 2 boy kittens, but one was already taken do I asked to see the other one and he was the cutest thing ever. When I got back home I told mom and she at first was about to say no and then she paused. And said what if we gave the kitten to Sarah since she had been saying that she wanted a baby to love. I jumped in the air and said “YES!!!” So on October 6, 2012 we gave Sarah not just alcohol but a little boy. The kitten’s name is in fact CUPCAKE. And I know that the kitten is a boy but Sarah swore she would name her first kitten Cupcake. He is called other names like ‘Little Bit’, ‘Pumpkin’, or ‘Little Guy’. He is getting along so well with my 2 cats and my mom’s 2 dogs.


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