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The cutest and biggest cats on the planet
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Video courtesy of Tyler Roth of a cat that had been stuck up in a tree for more than 50 hours
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Rescue crews helped save a kitten stuck on the ledge of a building in Singapore.
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UPDATE 10/04/14: I found a way to keep him where I live. I had originally smuggled him into my apartment and had kept him as a secret while I tried to find him a home. [More]
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A scary drop descending into cold water to attempt to rescue a young feral kitten, and boy was she feisty even though exhausted. This was just one of the rescues that Olive Tree Farm have [More]
A scary drop descending into cold water to attempt to rescue a young feral kitten, and boy was she feisty even though exhausted. This was just one of the rescues that Olive Tree Farm have [More]
Cat lovers rejoice, there’s hope for humanity yet. On Mother’s Day this young man – let’s call him Joe – aged 27, decided to go out cruising in his Mercedes Benz. Joe said he stopped [More]
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My awesome cat who acts like a dog.