Funny kitten is played with fishes ?? Playlist on how this kitty Coco grows My email : Hello dear friends??! My name is Irina. I have a British shorthair kittens and cats of [More]
DIY Cat Food Dispenser From Magnetic Balls (ASMR Satisfying) | Magnet World Series #220 Recently our studio has added a new member, the lovely cat named Mr. Xiu, how many days have we been together [More]
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Squeaky mews. Little gulps. Teensy purrs. Am I the only one who finds this super calming? I hope this up-close video of Alice, Logan, Wellington, Nelson, and Darwin helps you feel soothed and relaxed. 🙂 [More]
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Plastic, Fabric sounds, seam tracing, crinkles, jingles, cat sounds I started out the video with the quietest toys and tried to end with the more audible ones. The first half is cat toy examinations, the [More]
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ASMR with Cats #9: Fish & Beer Non-vocal ambient noises and chilling cat sounds. ASMR for sleep and relaxation, cat purring, massage, petting,eating.
Sooo this is my mom’s kitty 🙂 I was kitten sittin figured might as well make a video of this cutie pie. hope you enjoyy Custom ASMR orders – You can also find me [More]