I couldn’t find any cute Valentine’s Day toys for the cats in the stores so I decided to make my own. They were cheap to make and also very easy to make. Here’s how I [More]
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!This is NOT paid promotion! ———————————————————————————————————— Though, if you want to send cat toys or treats, the cats would love it! ———————————————————————————————————— The cats went toy and treat shopping to the local pet store, this [More]
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Top 5 Cheap and Free Homemade Cat Toys your cat will Love. Please Like and Subscribe.
2 Easy DIY cat toys you can make with stuff you already have! Subscribe – http://bit.ly/cats-pats-subscribe Have some old boxes, duct tape, and some shirts? Turn some old junk into awesome cat toys! It only [More]
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How to – Make A Cat PLayhouse Free Or Cheap Kitty Cat Toys – Furball Fables – How to use simple household items and things from the craft stores make wonderful cat toys for hours [More]
How to use simple household items and things from the craft store to make wonderful cat toys for hours of kitty fun! This was one of our first video’s from Fall 2010. WE had to [More]
DIY Cat Toys. “A Rustle Stick” Cats love toys! The more the better… however we don’t all have unlimited funds. So why not try and do this simple home-made “A Rustle Stick”! It’s made of [More]