Hey everyone, here are some pretty cool DIY you can do at home for your cats. 🙂 Let me know what you think!
Here’s a fun way that kids can help cats! Cat toys are easy to make at home, and you can donate them to your local animal shelter for their cats to play with! In this [More]
Hello cat lovers ! Save your money and make your own cat toys for your fur friends ! Easy peasy steps using affordable stuff. Thank you for watching ! Please give a thumbs up for [More]
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I couldn’t find any cute Valentine’s Day toys for the cats in the stores so I decided to make my own. They were cheap to make and also very easy to make. Here’s how I [More]
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#MyCatFromHell | Saturdays at 8/7c Jackson returns to Boulder to catch up with two kittens he helped transport on a 20-hour road trip. There, he helps young cat guardian Calvin. Full Episodes Streaming FREE on [More]
2 Easy DIY Cat Toys! How To Make Simple Cat Toys on a Budget + Competition Results! If you love making things for your moggy as much as Claire does for Rags, you are going [More]
Welcome to Bee’s new craft channel! In this video, Bee shows how to create easy yarn cat toys (step by step guide). She will be showing how to draw and create other fun, easy, and [More]
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We’re fostering a little kitty named Hashtag, and in honor of her, we’ve decided to make a little pom pom cat toy for her to play with. Cats love yarn. Cats love DIY cat toys [More]
Hope your cats all enjoyed! There will be a new video coming your way next week!
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Sometimes, all you need to entertain your cat is just sitting around the house. Simple everyday materials can make a great toy for your feline friend. Music: “Scarlet Fire” by Otis McDonald (YouTube Audio Library)
Here are some quick and easy, free, DIY cat toys! Subscribe for more videos! – http://bit.ly/cats-pats-subscribe Find out more about our kitties! – http://bit.ly/FeaturedKitties Instagram – CatsAndPats Making your own cat toys can be pretty [More]
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Keeping your cat active is very important for their quality of life and toys are just the ticket to get your cat, especially an indoor cat (like Rags!), running and chasing around. Claire and Rags [More]
You can amuse your cat with some easy-to-make toys from items right in your home.
Here are some really easy DIY interactive cat toys that make for great mental stimulation/brain games. The best part is they are made from recycled materials and are pretty much free to make, all you [More]
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Here are three easy, DIY cat toys that you can make for your cat with common household items 1) Straw triangles/squares 2) Crinkle-y tissue paper string toy 3) Hair elastic worm Spring-loaded Kittens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9ZgWlwvJE0 Kitten [More]
2 Easy DIY cat toys you can make with stuff you already have! Subscribe – http://bit.ly/cats-pats-subscribe Have some old boxes, duct tape, and some shirts? Turn some old junk into awesome cat toys! It only [More]
Here are 4 super easy and super cheap DIY Cat Toys that you can make with items that you more than likely already have in your home! Enjoy 🙂 Follow me on the other stuff: [More]
Hey guys! In this video I show u guys how to make 3 easy and simple cat toys???? in the comments let me know which one your cat likes the best and if u don’t [More]
Make your cat toys out of cardboard, pizza boxes, toilet rolls and more! Easy, cheap and your cats will love them. Learn more about Blue Cross: https://www.bluecross.org.uk/
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Hey guys! I’m sorry I didn’t upload a video last week but I’ve just been super busy. Anyways, today’s video is showing you guys how to make 3 easy DIY cat toys. I hope you [More]
Hi everyone!!! ***Open me*** So today’s video is a Pet DIY!!!!! I have tons of videos planned for the next few weeks!!!!! Including some cool back to school DIYs! I am going to try and [More]
In this video i tell three favorite cat jokes of the week and i show you three different toys you could make from the junk laying around your house.It’s not special its just simple ideas [More]
DIY Cat Toys. “A Rustle Stick” Cats love toys! The more the better… however we don’t all have unlimited funds. So why not try and do this simple home-made “A Rustle Stick”! It’s made of [More]
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