Meet 45 of the Exotic Cats at Big Cat Rescue on the daily walkabout. There are even a couple more cats in the videos that were not named. Can you identify them?
Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed – Overview, Facts, Traits and Price. Exotic Shorthair Breed Information and Characteristics. The Exotic is a man-made breed resulting from the cross of Persians with American Shorthairs and other shorthaired cats. [More]
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Difference and Comparison side by side. The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat developed to be a short-haired version of the Persian. The Exotic is similar to the Persian in many ways, including temperament [More]
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Exotic Shorthair Cat Personality and Breed Traits
The Exotic Shorthair is nicknamed “the lazy man’s Persian” because he shares the Persian’s sweet face, but his short, plush coat is easier to care for. This cat breed can live to be 15 years [More]