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Mia didn’t eat her breakfast but was fine by lunch. Max fell asleep in my arms. We put the door on the carrier for more training. Mia stayed out for a long time today. We [More]
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Frozen Kitten Brought Back To Life by Family | When this family was playing in the snow one day, they found a tiny frozen kitten and couldn’t even tell if he was alive. Today on [More] – Starring Obi-Wan Kenobi, Krakatoa, and Sitka … cameos by Nomad MUSIC CREDITS ******************************************************************** COPYRIGHT ATTRIBUTION Title: LiIfe of Riley Artist: Kevin Macleod Copyright: Kevin MacLeod. Licensed to the public under verify at [More]
Family Wanted to Get Their Puppy a Kitten But Stray Kitty Found Them Instead A family planned to adopt a kitten from the shelter so their puppy could have a friend to grow up with, [More]
Newly Adopted ‘Kitten’ Begins Changing Rapidly Before Her Family Uncovers A Bewildering Twist. In Russia, a high school girl named Dasha was getting ready to meet a new addition to her family. Her mother wanted [More]
Image credit :: Instagram/komagram2015 / After A Family Rescued This Orphaned Newborn Kitten, They Gave Him The Most Unlikely Protector source story : visit for more stories After Years Of Abuse, Police Discovered Her Disturbing [More]
Sweet, Spoiled Dog Welcomes Tiny Rescue Kitten Into Her Family | This dog has 100 toys and is used to being the queen of her household ? But now she has to make room for [More]
Grace, a bottle fed foster kitten, gets reunited with her brother and sister after being turned in to two different shelters. Watch as we bring the family back together. Music by BIG CAT TV [More]
Family Guy – Sneaky Brian Pretends To Be A Cat Season 11, Episode 5
All these rescued kittens are getting a second chance at life — thanks to one amazing family ? Love Animals? Subscribe: Keep us with this amazing foster family on Instagram for more of their [More]
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Kylie Myers was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer at the age of 12. While undergoing radiation, she asked for a kitten. Her parents thought it would be best to talk about it when they got [More]
Hello! children! watch and enjoy our Mickey Mouse Finger Family &minnie mouse finger family Mickey mouse Spiderman vs. Venom vs. Hulk vs. iron man Mickey mouse vs. zombies vs. aliens vs. devils vs. Mickey mouse [More]
Kitten Lady rescues an emaciated kitten and her family. Please welcome Small Fry, Chip, Gnocci, Poutine, Yam, and their mama, Latka. Learn more and support the project at: Follow these kittens at @kittenxlady (IG) [More]
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Kitten Rescue and Adoption Kitten in new family because his mother left to die in the rain. Yesterday and today I have saved the kittens. Of the four kittens two could not be saved. Mother [More]
Baby Kitten & family is a hilarious and funny cartoon for kids and family from the Cat and Keet family. When a baby kitten comes home, Cat has to take care of it. But will [More]
We rescued a kitty from a local shelter! Leave your comments below what you think we should name her. See our new kitty play eat and more. So far we call her HobbyKitty. This idea [More]
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You can make dog and cat toys out of a wide variety of things you probably already have. Make dog and cat toys with help from Gorgeously Green’s Sophie Uliano in this free video clip. [More]
Family Game Night kids game challenge with the vintage game Fraidy Cats! The kittens play on the backyard fence but the dog Mug chases them. DisneyCarToys Sandra and Spidey do the game challenge and the [More]
A nearly dead kitten found frozen stiff in the snow was rescued thanks to a quick thinking family. Branden Bingham took his children out to play in the snow when his son tripped over a [More]
BEAR LAKE, Utah — A kitten found frozen in the snow was brought back to life by a Cedar Hills family on Thanksgiving Day. The tiny feral feline, no more than a few weeks old, [More]
Utah A kitten found frozen in the snow was brought back to life by a Cedar Hills family on Thanksgiving Day. The tiny feral feline, no more than a few weeks old, was found lying [More]
This baby squirrel is adopted by a mom cat and her baby kittens. There’s a lot of cuteness going on in this box but the best part might be the dog’s confused reaction to the [More]
Top 10 Most Friendliest Cat Breeds for Family with kids
We got a new baby! This little kitten is 12 weeks old and doesn’t have a name yet (he is a boy). As much as we love kittens, we got him specifically for Pinecone, who [More]
After coming across an abandoned kitten in a field, Andreas and Filiz decided to bring it home in the hopes that their cat would accept their new roommate. Surely they didn’t expect THIS to happen! [More]
* Movie : Kitten Bowl 2014 – USA movie {Family} Director : Actors : Kristen Aldridge, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Rocco DiSpirito Genre : Family Country : USA Release Year : 2014 Duration : 125 min Kitten [More]