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9 month old male Ragdoll Cat – if he does this in front of you, imagine what he’ll do behind your back.
Milo at 5 months playing with his new toy.
Milo playing with a basket and sparkle ball.
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Milo at 4 months old, being chased.
10 week old Flame Mitted Ragdoll Kitten “Winston” playing with laser toy.
Lazenby is having fun with his feather teaser toy! He is reserved but visit to see our available ragdoll kittens!
This is my 4 month old Ragdoll
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Feeding like a queen
He cried for 15 minutes until he found it again.
this was back when missile was till a baby (needy) kitten LOL. he is much grown up cat now…
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First time Hobbes played in the water and loves it. His brother Calvin wants nothing to do with it.
Flame point cat video Brenda’s cat house
New Kitten. He is a Male Mitted Flame Ragdoll.
Our two rescued ragdoll cats. Our older seal point playing with the new flame point kitten. He’s big and could be rough with the wee one. But, typical ragdoll, he is very gentle with her.
Diego is being cleaned by cling-on. :3