Whiskers, the vicious flamepoint ragdoll, shows some teeth!
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Whiskers, a flamepoint ragdoll, puts in a “hard” day of work at Laziness Inc.
Whiskers, my flamepoint Ragdoll, helps me test out my girlfriend’s new HD cam.
My mom’s cat Rhett, a flamepoint ragdoll, shows off on top of a bookcase…and then almost falls off!
Whiskers, my flamepoint Ragdoll, chases me around the backyard! He’s damn quick!
Oh my gosh!! Cuteness overload with the kids kitten iPhone game that is the most adorable thing ever! I’m allergic to cats so this is the best I’ll get to having a cat as a [More]
I am super excited to show all of you my painting of Nyan Cat in a 3D space! It is so colorful and kawaii! Let me know if you want to see more of this [More]
This is the instructional video I showed SpingeBill when I got in the YTP career. My Zippcast channel: http://www.zippcast.com/user/coolcat001100 My Tumblr: http://coolcat001100.tumblr.com/