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Rescue a poor ginger kitten Hung On A Tree By Evil Man _ Adorable Poor Unwanted Kitty In Crisis There was a farmer walking to his farm, and he saw an inhuman used a red [More]
Ginger tabby cats are truly special and if you ask me, downright magical cats! … Who wouldn’t want to adopt an orange kitty?! Subscribe: Purrlease support our channel ? ? Buy Our Merch: [More]
A flight attendant rescue an adorable ginger Persian cat with incontinence on the streets. Credit: ——————————————————— This story we collected from people all around the world. For Copyright issue, please email to us. ————————————————– [More]
Kitten season is here folks! – Purrlease do your part to help… these 3 kittens are some of the lucky ones, there’s so many born each year that don’t survive because of hazards both natural [More]
Oct 12 Update: TATE’S SHUNT SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS!! —- Tater Tot is an orphan polydactyl kitten being fostered by Kitkat Playroom, a nonprofit rescue in Woodbury, NJ. Tater has a condition called hydrocephalus. This [More]
Talking Tom and Friends Cat Ginger Part 4 Ginger’s Birthday – It’s time for some birthday fun! Talking Ginger, the cutest little kitten, is growing up and wants you to celebrate his birthday with him. [More]
Oscar talks about life with an emphasis on romance. Cute Ginger Persian Cat!
Helios goes to a busy, noisy public park so he can become accustomed to lots of people and loud sounds while learning to walk on a harness and leash. Doing so will help him to [More]
Filmed 25April14. This is the very first time Helios had ever been in a pet store. We get him a leash and harness then let him try it out. Helios even gets a treat of [More]
Helios visits PetSmart on leash for the very first time. He is a bit unsure about exploring off of my shoulder.