Cats are so cute and super funny animals, especially hairless cats! They make us laugh all the time and heal our bad mood! This funny cat compilation is the hardest TRY NOT TO LAUGH challenge! [More]
New cat breed: Hairless SphynxieBob and BamBob
New Cat Breeds: Meet the Hairless SphynxieBob And BamBob Subscribe: CAT lover April Arguin is presenting two new cat breeds to the world for the first time – the SPHYNXIEBOB and the BAMBOB. The [More]
Here is LiLNudists Fionna Fantcy and her brand new one week old sphynx kittens! She had four gorgeous black and white little sphynx boys! We just adore each and every one of these sweet little [More]
I made this to help new Sphynx owners or for information for those considering buying one. I do not like being on camera so please forgive my absence. Hope the video is helpful.