Funny Kitten Videos | kitten is high – try not to laugh! Murphy is almost six months old which is the earliest a cat can get neutered. I wondered if Murphy would changed if he [More]
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Cats 101 Abyssinian, High Quality from Animal planet (can also be found at
Shaping Alpha and Omega to high-five from the touch command with some distractions in between.
Operant Conditioning is an incredibly powerful model for learning and it is the most popular technique used in animal (and human) training! Micah decided to wield its power to train the cats to give a [More]
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In the short cat training tutorial, clicker train your cat to High Five
My cats are Junior (Cinnamon/Silver Ocicat) and Pepper (Ocicat/Munchkin hybrid). I taught them to give a high five in about 5 minutes. Ocicats are the best!!!
Catnip is a herb plant in the mint family which has the natural chemical nepetalactone inside it. Nepetalactone is a very mild hallucinogenic and gets into a cats system as they smell the plant. It [More]
Catnip; what does it do exactly? Are cats really getting high because of it? And why are some cats completely into it and others aren’t? Enjoy a catnip party with Smoothie & Milkshake, and see [More]
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Learn how to teach your cat to give you a ‘High Five’ but first, It’s highly recommended to clicker train your cat and teach them sit, stay and shake paws before teaching this trick (Tutorials [More]
How to teach your cat to sit, stand or high jump. See for more information!
Raw video: POV footage shows cat saved from 12 stories above ground in Singapore
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Cats 101 Maine Coon High Quality from Animal planet (can be found at
Chloe was almost euthanized after being in a high kill shelter for 20 minutes Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest: Google+: Special thanks to [More]
Here I am teaching a trick to my kitten. Yes I know I sound silly the way I talk to him during training. The thing with training any animal is to make your voice super [More]