Yeti and Maple devouring Temptations. Persian and Himalayan flat face cats.
Tiffany Himalayan Persian Cat
My cat kelvin (male 15 months sealpoint himalayan white) licking my other cat mello (male 16 months persian brown), they both usually like to hide behind my imac, that spot is mello’s, teritory, thats why [More]
10 weeks cat and a mouse 🙂
12-24-2009 – Little Girl can’t stand to be left downstairs alone; she always runs up the stairs being very vocal and purring loudly. She does this same routine several times a day. She is really [More]
We recently had an Adoptive Family ask us to make a video on how we, at the Cattery, trim a long Persian cat mane or ruff. Today we did a lion’s cut on our The [More]
my beautiful cat..alot of hair, beautiful cat and eyes. Loves to be groomed. ofcourse the cat is very demanding…typical 🙂
Himalayan Cat Facts – Facts About Himalayan Cats – Please take a moment to Like, Subscribe, and Comment on this video! View Our Channel To See More Cool Videos About Animals – himalayan cat [More]
The popular Himalayan was created by crossing the Siamese and the Persian and then breeding the offspring. Like the Persian, he has small ears, large round eyes, a snub nose and a sweet expression. His [More]