The day after Christmas, Big Cat Rescue welcomed another unwanted Savannah cat named Loki to its new forever home here at the sanctuary. Music from Epidemic Sound ( BIG CAT TV is a close look [More]
Aaron and Phil leave for Hawaii after an unfortunate switch-up leaves Michael at home alone. Music by:
Its CREEPYWORLD again Last Kitten at Shelter Reaches Out To Woman and Asks Her to Take Her Home Thanks for watching our videos and don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 Our Website : Facebook : [More]
Want to get on your cat’s good side? It’s really not that hard. Today on Pet Parent Life Hacks, we’re making 3 cheap, super simple, 100% cat-approved toys that will make him love (or at [More]
Casper-La flips her wig and Sun Bear gives him a sqawking. Jun Jie will learn not to upset Triton Cockatoos!
I left Prince Michael at home for the day. Here’s what I found. Inspired by: Bew Klewais: Aaron’s Animals – GoPro Cat
Little Finn on the day I brought him home from SPCA.
Meet our newest rescues of a serval named Zucari and 2 caracals named Cyrus and Chaos. Check out their story as we welcome them to Big Cat Rescue!! Music by BIG CAT TV is [More]
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Meet Brimley the Persian, a cute fluff-ball that can’t help but to smile since finding a loving, forever-home. Brimley’s life wasn’t always as good because he used to live with a neglectful breeder and was [More]
DIY – teach your cat to potty in the toilet More stories at
Funny cats react to their new home here in Southern California. We have some new house guests show up today, moving in and adjusting is a fun process. Mom and Dad just got in to [More]
The story of “Cotton Candy” A sweet Persian cat that was abandoned and hardly survived the extreme heat and hunger… Now ready for her new home
The secret life of cats! … Ever wondered what your cats get up to when you leave? I decided to start collecting footage of CAM once we left the house, it was great fun uploading [More]
UPDATE 10/04/14: I found a way to keep him where I live. I had originally smuggled him into my apartment and had kept him as a secret while I tried to find him a home. [More]
Minecat 1.2 snapshot: In Minecraft, tame cats will follow you around no matter what, even teleporting to you if you get too far away. Since there’s no way to tell them to sit, like [More]
Masayoshi and Yoko Matsumoto wanted a home designed for cats, because they love their cats and because they believe what’s good for cats is good for people. Architect Hosaka Takeshi created a house called “Inside [More]
Eliza is an affectionate and playful little girl who meows for attention. You can. This cat is at Pound Kitten Rescue, Poole, Dorset, UK. See more about this cat on our website
These adorable ‘Tudeo’ kittens are looking for homes. They are currently 8 weeks old and will be available in two-three weeks following their second vaccinations. They are all sweet little purry guys who will grow [More]
Spartacus is about 2 years old and has been vaccinated and neutered. He is larger than he looks in his pictures (5kg approx). He is a very, very friendly and relaxed boy who purrs whenever [More]
Cats can’t be trained? That’s a myth! Watch this video and learn how you can teach your cat tricks right at home. For more clicker training tips and information on cat training classes at the [More]
Pippa is an 8 month old neutered female. She is gaining in confidence and will sometimes purr when stroked. She has the sweetest little face and is becoming increasingly friendly. This cat is at Pound [More]
FUNNY VIDEOS: 2015 : Funny Cats/Dogs – Funny Animals / Funny Clips / Home Videos : FUNNY VIDEOS: 2015 : Funny Cats/Dogs – Funny Animals / Funny Clips / Home Videos Check out this awesome [More]
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Meet Suga- Sugar! She is a new pet in our home, that already has two parrots…an Indian ringneck Parrot, and a White capped pionus parrot. This is day two training with her kitty bungee tether. [More]
Today’s episode kicks off a four part series on adopting a new cat. The four episodes will talk about preparations, ways to smoothly transition the new cat into your home, introducing a new cat to [More]