A tiny newborn kitten was found out in the c0ld and r4in. A kind woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the l1feless kitten lylng on the ground. As soon as she spotted a [More]
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Well, I don’t think I’m ever leaving home again after seeing this! And if you know anyone who thinks cats don’t miss us when we leave, here’s your proof! (I imagine this might also work [More]
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Minecat 1.2 snapshot: http://mojang.com/2012/01/26/minecraft-snapshot-12w04a/ In Minecraft, tame cats will follow you around no matter what, even teleporting to you if you get too far away. Since there’s no way to tell them to sit, like [More]
This kitten don,t want to leave warm bath….
harvey and bailey 2 rag doll cats playing with each other