In questo video vi presento Casper, un bellissimo Maine Coon dell’allevamento Happy Island di Torri di Quartesolo, Vicenza. Guardate con attenzione, contiene informazioni molto utili per chi voglia adottare un Maine Coon! Per saperne di [More]
The number of people worldwide infected with the new coronavirus has exceeded 600,000 and the disease is continuing to spread. It is spread from person to person mainly through the droplets produced when an infected [More]
Everyone meet our new Maine Coon kitten! We are SO excited to finally tell you guys about him! We’ve been keeping him a secret for about two weeks now. In this video I talk about [More]
8 signs of Maine Coon affection. Maine Coon cats are very affectionate. They love spending time with their family. Maine Coons are called ‘gentle giants’ and many love to cuddle their owners. Although not officially [More]
Here is our video of Molly growing up to two years old. She turned two yesterday! Molly’s breeder told us that Molly will keep growing until she’s 3-5 years old, so she’s still growing! We [More]
We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this hard time. Here is a video of Albus playing with the laser pointer. Our cats LOVE chasing this! Usually, we play with our cats [More]
Wie viel kostet eine Maine Coon Katze? Das ist eine berechtigte Frage und für jeden von Interesse, der überlegt, sich einen oder mehrere dieser wunderbaren Katzen ins Haus zu holen. Wir erklären in diesem Video, [More]
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Maine Coon Cat Video – What do Maine Coons Love? Don’t forget to share it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ 🙂 These are just some of the some things that they love to do, for [More]
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Our new kitten has the sweetest meow! You can probably hear Molly purring if you turn up your volume. I was holding treats in my hand and I gave them all treats after filming this [More]
Maine Coon Cat Exploring The World Music:
Baylee my Maine Coon is large, social and likes to talk. Here you can find baylee opening up the drawer to take his toy out and play. They are smart cats, social and mine talks [More]
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How Maine Coon Cats grow? I am Maine Coon Cat. My name is Deven Smile. Made by Shakti 7.
Maine Coon adalah jenis kucing rumahan yang memiliki ukuran tubuh yang besar dibandingkan kucing lainnya. Ras kucing maine coon asli berasal dari negara Maine di Amerika serikat. Nah, selain memiliki julukan kucing terbesar, ternyata ada [More]
ICE CUBES PLAY TIME || F2 Savannah cat and Maine Coon
Allevamento del gatto maine coon. di carlo ceccon Siena. Il bellissimo gigante americano in un servizio realizzato da canale 3 toscana e condotto dalla giornalista TV Viola Carignani
Hi there, my name is Grace and I am a Maine coon. I was 4 months old when my first youtube video had been recorded, and starting from this day my people had been taking [More]
Linving with a little LION at home, World’s biggest cat ???????????????????????? ?? MORE MAINE COON Hélios ? SUBSCRIBE SXM ZenLIFE ?? ???????????????????????? Hélios is from HERE ???? ? Chatterie de Cimiez in south [More]
Happy Caturday everyone! We live in Idaho where it snows a lot, and we want our little guy to get used to snow, so we brought him to the park near our house. There was [More]
We often get asked where we got Molly from and how much we paid for her. In this video I answer both of those questions. Use code “AMS15” to get 15% off any bandanas from [More]
Maine Coon cat that loves the outdoors. Walking in the forest, by the sea or just relaxing in the nature. Exploring the unknown.
Molly is a big cat and she’s still growing! Her breeder told us she would keep growing until she’s 3-5 years old. Follow Annie, Molly, and Susie on Instagram:
Molly’s first bath was on 1/22/2018. She did great, and I think she liked it at the end because she didn’t want to come out. 🙂
My adorable Maine Coon playing outside
It seems that people search for information on a comparison between the Maine Coon and the British Shorthair. Do you know the difference between Maine Coon and the British Shorthair? The Maine Coon is a [More]
Make sure you check out our BEST CAT MERCH AMAZON PAGE for awesome deals: Maine Coon Cats 101 (Everything You Need to Know) Maine coon cats are one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds. [More]
24lb Maine Coon Dad Cat is thoroughly washing up his daughter – little baby kitten, until she has enough and jumps away into her little kitten house. ???????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ????????? [More]
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In today’s video we pick up Oddy, our Maine Coon kitten. We have wanted one for so long and we are super excited to bring home a new member to our family! He will feature [More]
My name is Carlos. I am a 2 year old Maine Coon cat. And my favorite activity is cuddling. Please gimme a LIKE and comment 🙂
Hi guys, this is a throwback to my first year as a kitten! I hope you enjoy this video. Please like and subscribe! Follow me on Instagram! — Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G81 Editing: Adobe [More]
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Best Cat Food For Maine Coon Cats Welcome To Our Complete Guide To The Best Cat Food For Maine Coon Cats. Looking At Their Specific Nutritional Needs And How We Can Help To Meet Them. [More]
It’s the quarterly treatment – for worms and fleas – and grooming for my two cats. In this video I share some tips on how I cut their claws, products I use to treat them, [More]
Today we brought Molly to the park. It looked beautiful with the snow everywhere. We only went for a short time because it was VERY cold! Follow Annie, Molly, and Susie on Instagram:
If you’ve ever dreamt of having a lion as a pet, you might want to consider getting a Maine Coon cat instead. These majestic domesticated felines have long, striking fur that frames their face just [More]
Sophie the Maine Coon Calico
Olá, eu sou Richard Rasmussen e hoje eu trago a vocês mais um Guia de Raças! E dessa vez, é um vídeo bem especial! É nosso primeiro Guia sobre Gatos! Hoje iremos falar sobre o [More]
Are Maine Coon Cats Hypoallergenic?|| Maine Coon Cat Care Cats are well-loved for a million different reasons. They’re not only adorable and loving. They also have proven wellness benefits for their owners and their families. [More]
Our Huge Maine Coon Cat Rex makes different sounds than some cats do. Gentle Giant Rex does something that’s in between a “bark” and a “chirp.” Please check out videos of our new rescue kittens [More]
Maine Coon cat that loves the outdoors. Walking in the forest, by the sea or just relaxing in the nature. Exploring the unknown. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “(Maine Coon) Winter morning by the sea (sees a [More]
Cat Maine Coon Orinoco #cat #cats#meowing Maine Coon Cat Our new guest Anialwised Welcome to this Maine Coon cat Orinoco video. Today we’re going to talk about one of the most popular giant cat breeds: [More]
The Maine Coon is a big cat, and can weigh almost 20 pounds. If you had a dog that weighed 20 pounds, you would definitely not expect them to be getting all the exercise that [More]
Happy Caturday! We took Molly to the park for a little adventure a few days ago. She loved walking in the snow, but she started shivering after a few minutes (as you can see at [More]
Louie, our precious feline living soul, passed on 1/12/09. He was a svelt 30 pound Maine Coon; big NOT fat. He suffered from asthma and cardiomyopathy, part of what sometimes comes with being the giant [More]
Norwegian Maine coon Kitten doing tricks. He is only 9 month. Weight 7,3 kg (16 lbs). He likes very well to learn simple tricks.
Our three cats cuddle with us EVERY single day, BUT we usually don’t film videos of our cats cuddling on us for three reasons: 1. We don’t usually have a camera in our hand when [More]
Eventually, and usually too late, most cat owners learn that you don’t need to spend a fortune on toys to keep your pets happy. Akizuki is a 10 month old female Maine Coon kitten. And [More]
Here’s Mr. Kruger, the Maine Coon playing with water. He does that to the drinking water bowl as well. The other cats love to stay all day without water, he’s such a sweet kid.
The ancestral origins of the Maine Coon are unknown — there are only speculation and folk tales. One such folk tale involves Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, who was executed in 1793. The story [More]
The black kitten is (again, she grew up here) 4 days with us (vacation of owner) and our maine coon just plays with her many many times… i don`t know why she is screaming so [More]
What our Cats do at home | Savannah cat and Maine Coon
Watch Skoll grow up from birth. A beautiful white Maine Coon cat. With a lot of pictures with his age so you can see the development of a kitten into a cat. Sadly, Skoll passed [More]
My name is Grace and I am a Maine Coon Cat. This time I will try to deal with the main myths about my breed: 1) Maine Coons are malevolent and angry 2 )Maine Coons [More]
See more at The Maine Coon cat breed is the official state cat of Maine, New England. It is considered to be the oldest cat breed and also the only longhair breed native to [More]
Maine Coon Cat Video – The Chase of an Unwelcome Guest – Maine Coon vs Mouse Description: Video where Two Maine Coon chase and play around with one little mouse that managed to get in [More]
Hi guys, it’s time to show you our morning routine! Enjoy! Please like and subscribe! Follow us on Instagram! — Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G81 Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Music: Song: MBB – [More]
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Cat Cage || F2 Savannah cat and Maine Coon
TICA Meet the Breeds. Maine Coon. Javits Convention Center, NYC, New York.
Jack is a kitten Maine Coon. He have 9 Month and loves a lot of cuddle, while watching tv together
Play time | F2 Savannah cat and Maine Coon | Moose moments with Savannah cat and Maine Coon
Maine Coon Size – How big is a Maine Coon Cat? What Makes Them Big? Since so little is known about their lineage there is no way to truly understand why it is [More]
Maine Coon Kitten – Maine Coon Kittens Medical Concerns Watch more Maine Coon Videos here – Over-talking itself is not a result of any medical condition. If anything, you should be concerned if over-talking [More]
Felix is not allowed to run freely outside. Therefore, his claws are not worn naturally. So about every three or four week he has to get his pedicure. He is a very patient feline. He [More]
Playing with a dead mouse she caught at night.
First set of Maine Coon kittens in class judging at the 2018 CFA International Cat Show held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The judge is Rachel Anger. — I shot the entire show using Sony log3. [More]
Unique Health Issues Affecting Maine Coons|| Maine Coon Cat Care Maine Coons are a relatively healthy and hardy breed, but there are some genetic predispositions to certain diseases. One of the unique health issues that [More]
To Coon or Not To Coon: Pros and Cons of Having a Maine Coon Cat Maine Coon cats continue to be one of the most popular and well loved breed of domesticated cats. Its popularity [More]
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We asked you guys which of our cats we should bring to Petco, and the majority of you voted for Molly. Molly was pretty nervous about going, but we think she enjoyed it. She got [More]
Savannah VS Maine Coon ( who owns the tunnel) || F2 Savannah cat and Maine Coon
Games Table for CATS || F2 Savannah cat and Maine Coon
See more: The video shows the best photographs of the best Maine Coon cats (and of Maine) plus some information as well.
The Norwegian Forest Cat is a name most people don’t hear very often. Someone exceptionally knowledgeable about cats will know all about this cat, but someone who is just a cat lover but not an [More]
So @lifewithmilomute (Instagram name) is almost 3 years old and this evening he had his first ever bath, usually he’s ok grooming himself but recently there have been too many reappearing knots even though he [More]
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Hi there, follow me on Instagram: Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G81 Editing: Lightworks PRO 14.0 Music: ERIK LUND – Tokyo Sunset EHRLING – Tease Link:
Cats Reaction to Catnip || F2 Savannah cat and Maine Coon
Here is a video of Molly playing with a fly that got in our house. Our cats all love to play with bugs and eat them! I always tell people to get a cat if [More]
My first video yaay. (Sorry for the shaky bits.) This is (Odd) Molly, she is a 7 year old Main coon and she loves to go walks with me. And why not film some and [More]
? Which cat pic from this vid is your favourite?? I want to know, comment below :~) ? CW: I talk about pets dying and surgery and that sort of thing and I know if [More]
? CADEAU : Demande en 1 clic ici “LE GUIDE D’ACCUEIL D’UN NOUVEAU CHAT” ??? CLIQUE SUR “PLUS” POUR PLUS D’INFOS ??? —————————————-­————————————- #chats #laVieDesChats Maine Coon le chat géant ??Formation de Parent de [More]
Møt Kari Jenssen fra Skien, som deler hus med tyve Maine Coon katter. De kan koste opp mot 50.000 kroner og veie så mye som 15 kilo.
Good morning || F2 Savannah cat and Maine Coon
How much will it cost to bring a Maine Coon home? The charm of Maine Coon cats has been well established by now among cat lovers and breeders. Based on registration totals from January to [More]