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Robert Sijka, on 550px.com, said his two passions in this world are photography and cats. He does his best to combine the two – and in this series of Maine Coon photos – he does [More]
source : reshareworthy.com When he saw a photo of two majestic black Maine Coons named Dolce Vita and De La Loo, he was inspired to make similar portraits of cats with a simple black background. [More]
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Desiree serval was rescued in 2009 after being found dehydrated in the Arizona desert. We were told she was a 3-legged female serval, but we have had our suspicions that she may actually be a [More]
Oh my gosh!! Cuteness overload with the kids kitten iPhone game that is the most adorable thing ever! I’m allergic to cats so this is the best I’ll get to having a cat as a [More]
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