The poor new born kittens were dumped into the woods with their mother under the rain whole night and they were screaming so poor until villagers met them. We are really appreciated for mercy peoples [More]
Fun family fun with all kinds of Fur Babies!! My Twitch Channel: Subscribe to our Channel: Sara’s Sweet 16: Follow us on Twitter at: Instagram at: Tumblr: Google+ at: [More]
Persian Cat breed: The Persian has a distinctive appearance: a large, round head; large, round eyes; a short nose; full cheeks; and small ears with rounded tips. The head is supported by a short, thick [More]
Newborn Kitten Who Was Frozen Solid Grows Up To Be Strong And Feisty | When a litter of 1-day-old kittens was found frozen solid, their foster mom was determined to save their lives. But one [More]
cute newborn kitten persian – Lucy – aborable white persian
Image credit :: Instagram/komagram2015 / After A Family Rescued This Orphaned Newborn Kitten, They Gave Him The Most Unlikely Protector source story : visit for more stories After Years Of Abuse, Police Discovered Her Disturbing [More]
A tiny newborn kitten was found out in the c0ld and r4in. A kind woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the l1feless kitten lylng on the ground. As soon as she spotted a [More]
Hank was just 4 days old when left at a pet store in a tissue box. FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Shop for Kitten Lady gear: Filmed by Hannah Shaw Produced by Adam Myatt
Haku was rescued 2 days after he was born, never thought he would survive without his mother. I did my best to make him survive and I hope my video will inspire you.
Owners of a restaurant told us that they heard kittens in an exhaust pipe who had been crying since the last two days. Their mom haven’t come back for them. Two kittens were hypothermic and [More]
If you’re caring for a newborn orphan kitten, syringe feeding might be a good option–but you want to make sure you’re doing so carefully. Here’s how to safely feed a kitten via syringe. Please subscribe [More]
Yesterday Kitten Lady rescued 3 newborn kittens: Boomba, Bumble, and Bee. In this video you can see their rescue story, and learn how to care for abandoned newborn kittens in your own home. Please subscribe [More]
Owners of a restaurant told us that they heard kittens in an exhaust pipe who had been crying since the last 2 days. Their mom hadn’t come back for them. 2 kittens were hypothermic and [More]
July 20, 2011 This morning, I walked to MRT but before I found one kitten baby who fell on floor then I saw other 3 babies of kittens in plants top in the street near [More]
My friend found a newborn kitten, and brought it to me. Poor little bay was near dead when I got him, cold as ice and covered in mud and rubble. I got him cleaned up, [More]
Stella’s babies are born. Team Cat Rescue
First steps in caring for newborn, orphaned kittens.