Dave the ragdoll chilling out
This little red and cream beauty has so much fun playing with the bigger kitties! www.AngelGirlRagdolls.com
Milo at 5 months playing with his new toy.
Milo playing with a basket and sparkle ball.
There are some exciting sets arriving for Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters in 2018, and the Maple Cat family is one of them (I love them, I think they might be my new favourite). The [More]
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Milo at 4 months old, being chased.
This is my 4 month old Ragdoll
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Feeding like a queen
First time Hobbes played in the water and loves it. His brother Calvin wants nothing to do with it.
Flame point cat video Brenda’s cat house
This is one of my Ragdoll cats, named Eli – He’s hilarious 🙂 For more information on this breed of cat: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2015/03/06/10-ragdoll-cat-facts.aspx
12-24-2009 – Little Girl can’t stand to be left downstairs alone; she always runs up the stairs being very vocal and purring loudly. She does this same routine several times a day. She is really [More]
Our two rescued ragdoll cats. Our older seal point playing with the new flame point kitten. He’s big and could be rough with the wee one. But, typical ragdoll, he is very gentle with her.
Welcome to another Cat pause video. This is a quick photo session with our blue point rag doll feline. This is a follow up video to a how-to video we posted a few weeks back [More]
Diego is being cleaned by cling-on. :3
Birman wikipedia, the free encyclopedia birman. Birmanstrofe.Jpg. A seal point birman. Alternative names, sacred adult chocolate tortie point female with kittens, showing initial development of points here are some more compilation of topics and latest [More]