UPDATE APRIL 2019: all kitten grew up and have a happy life with their own family now. DONATIONS TO GET THEM FIXED: Its been almost a year and i feed them every day 3 [More]
Pregnant Cat Ke Symptoms Or Pregnant Cat ki Care Kese Kare
This week, the rescue of a full-term pregnant cat, Mia, sparked an ethical debate on my social media. 18 hours after her rescue, she gave birth — but should she have been spayed? In this [More]
Chloe, Rula and Ramona are pregnant ferals about to give birth for the last time. They come from a colony of more than 230 feral cats, where 90% have been spayed/neutered thanks to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) [More]
my pregnant cat at the 42 day after mate plz rate it
Join us for #KittenWatch – Harlequin was rescued by a veterinarian who happened to hear her little meows coming from a taped up box, next to recycling bins, in an alley. He took her back [More]
Learn about our rescue work: We were concerned the first time we saw Evolene. It was just a few days after we had begun feeding a new feral cat colony on a farm that [More]
Persian Cat Pregnant …. very nice background music in video
This is my pregnant queen , Princes . She is about to give birth . Notice , the photos of the litter that you see are of her last pregnancy not the recent one .
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