Grady, my road trip buddy, learning to go for walks with a harness and lead. I’m training him so he can join me in my, soon to be converted, VW Transporter LWB van. Puppia is [More]
Jesse Kortelainen Pro #5 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R
In this week’s video, we see assistant Charmaine doing some mark training with Riley, one of our foster kittens. “Mark” training is when the cat is taught to go to a mark, often to Sit [More] Training – sit, hi-5 and shake. :3
Alexander Lacey knows that in training his big cats, it’s important to only teach them to do things they find easy. By paying attention to & respecting each cat’s physical features and preferences, Alexander is [More]
A-Cat training session
Cat training – shaping a handling behavior – First Session Asia the bengal kitten is helping to demonstrate how you would go about shaping a handling behavior through positive rewards. In this case, she is [More]