My blue tongued skink playing with some cat toys. The cats are not amused.
Southern Care Pet Sitting shows you our favorite toys and necessities your cats need. Cats love wand toys, climbing trees and scratching posts.
He is doing high five, Walk on foot, go through, jump, spinn, lay down, roll over, sit, and finally plays a ball game. He likes very well to learn these skills. Maine Coon from Sandefjord [More]
I filmed my orphan kitten growing up for three weeks. He’s doing so well! I take him to the vet every other week just to be safe. His last vet visit was three days ago [More]
Make this simple cat toy yourself – description here:
In this video I show you some of my cat toys. The cats have one favor. Please subscribe.
This is footage of me and my cat doing some minutes cat training. The tricks we practice at the moment… Sit – This trick works perfect Stand Up (The Meerkat) – She is pro here [More]
Cats Who Want Some Privacy Compilation This cats desperately want some privacy and alone time, but annoying humans are following them everywhere… Rate, Share & Enjoy The Video! ? Subscribe to our channel for more [More]
Ellen’s 6th Annual Cat Week is full of laughter, music and big announcements!
#caturday #catnap after I ate some fresh #catnip ???????? More Videos at our site: Dubakupado Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Tags:bestanimal bestanimals siamesecat catfeatures pet cats_daily_meow art greycat [More]
We had to sign the cat over. They said we could keep the cat if we could pay the bill..He has forgotten more about the history of baseball and the Cats than we´ll ever know, [More]