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Kittens are budding micro-panthers with a strong instinct to practice their hunting skills…and that includes BITING! But just because these fierce little felines have an instinct to bite does not mean that have to be [More] If your dog likes to chase your cat, and you would like to STOP it, then you should watch this video. Dr Jones shows you the 5 most effective tips and techniques to stop [More]
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Expert advice: In this tutorial you’ll learn how to stop your cat from scratching/jumping on furniture/counter tops. BUT more importantly, you’ll learn that you FIRST need to teach/show your cat WHERE and WHAT they’re supposed [More]
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Here is a step by step video to show you how to train your dog not to chase your cat
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Your favourite music live, 24/7. Top hituri melodii Cat Music acum Non-Stop. Subscribe to Cat Music Channel: Spotify: Daca aveti idei sau vreti sa ne impartasiti pareri despre LIVE, ne puteti trimite un [More]
The Funny Kitten causes a stir in the Goblin Village. To create this video we used LEGO ELVES Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village set (LEGO 41185) #LEGO #LEGOELVES #ELVES #StopMotion
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