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Rescue Super Cute Kitten Was Abandoned by His Stray Mom Cat ? Subscribe: ? Credit: shelterkittens_ Fosterkittens ?? | current foster: Blago, Gijs & Sil and Jip ? Max ? & Zoë ?| own [More]
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Hello my beloved subscribers! in this video is Rescue small stray kitten on the highway _ Give kitten food My team is dedicated to pet adoption. These team take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets [More]
This adventurous stray cat found herself the perfect family. You can keep up with Margaret and Millie’s adventures together on Instagram, curlyhaircamping: Special thanks to Margaret for sharing this amazing story with us! If [More]
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I was asked to coordinate a rescue of around 40 cats left on a property when the renters moved out. It is a work in progress. I am starting a new series with this but [More]
A tiny kitten was found in terrified condition with severely eyes infection meowing waiting for help. She is a stray kitten and suffered with her early life no mother …
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Like Amira, Junior the kitten was born orphan, and she was living on the streets before Alaa found her and brought her to cat sanctuary Source:
I found a kitten! Hopefully she’ll be all right.
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Part 2: (outside use update) For about $17 you can make a shelter for outside cats who need a place to cozy up this winter.
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Credit: Instagram / Casey Shaw and Julie Lang This is Margot, the kitten. Casey Shaw said he found Margot while he was out skateboarding. She was filthy and was sneezing and sniffling. Casey got a [More]
Cat rescue: Four stray (feral) kittens and their mother cat
?????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????11 cats ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thank you for watching my video and posting comments. I took the wild kitten under my protection. This kitten didn’t have any health issues. However, there are some bugs on the [More]
Update: 08/01/2016 Mocca’s temporary home *English subs added to this video. Update: 30/12/2015 Day 5 – Mocha taking care of her kittens. =================================== We’ve found a stray cat family in our backyard on [More]
Little Shanice was found in a sports hall trapped inside according to sports students and was crying extremely loud for any sign of help. Highly likely it called for it’s mother whom she got separated [More] Cat lover or not, seeing a stray and homeless kitten on the streets will certainly tug at your heartstrings. During these moments, it is helpful to know how to take care of a stray [More]
We finally start a new rpg maker horror game! It’s called Stray cat crossing and it’s up there with some of the best ones we played. Full Playlist: Play the game along with me: [More]
Cat Rescue Christchurch focuses on trap, neuter, return (TNR) whereby unsocial stray cats are desexed to reduce cat overpopulation. Young kittens are rescued for socialising and rehoming. This stray male cat was being caught for [More]