Kitten Training Camps offered for youth ages 10-17. For more information visit &
Olly raises each paw individually to beg for food… (the sword and axe on the bed behind Olly are NOT used for training purposes! they are in fact part of Rob’s Viking weapon collection that [More]
Did you know you can touch-train kittens? BC SPCA manager of animal welfare Kim Monteith shows us how touch-training your kitten can be fun, useful and humane in this week’s Tip Tuesday video.
Kitten Training Camps offered for youth ages 10-17. For more information visit &
Subscribe Now: Watch More: Teaching kittens to play is all about remembering that your fingers and toes are not play toys. Teach kittens to play with help from a small animal and exotic [More]
Nothing better than a Ginger Female …
Teaching a kitten an alternative behaviour rather than meowing, clawing and jumping up on the kitchen bench during dinner time. The alternative behaviour is going to his bed.
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Voice Command Obedience Training For Cats: Using “No” and “Jump Up” Commands, S01/Ep02. In This Webisode: Using Single Words to Control Your Cat’s Movement. Bonus Feature near end of video: When To Use A Stick. [More]
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Bede’s first training session: learning to come when called. You can teach a cat to do all the things you would teach a dog to do; sit, come, stay, drop, shake, hi-5, heel, stay off [More]
Here I am teaching a trick to my kitten. Yes I know I sound silly the way I talk to him during training. The thing with training any animal is to make your voice super [More]