The tigers meet the kittens for the first time , a bit different to when they met the puppies .
Big Cat Rescue saved 3 starving tigers from a New York “sanctuary” after they lost their USDA license and the animals were confiscated by the Sheriff’s Department… There are an estimated 10,000 – 20,000 privately [More]
Halloween at Big Cat Rescue! Watch Lions, Tigers, Leopards & more destroy their pumpkins, bats & spiders! 🙂 BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts we support, and [More]
The four tigers rescued last winter from Colorado, Priya, Gabrielle, Andy, and Seth, are experiencing their first hot summer in Florida. Watch as they get a refreshing shower from the hose. Music by BIG [More]
Check in on our latest rescue of five tigers to see how they have settled into their forever home here at the sanctuary. BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the [More]
We took in 5 new tigers from a failed pseudo sanctuary called Serenity Springs. This makes a part of the biggest big cat rescue in the history of the United States. Please welcome Seth, Andy, [More]
One of our staff members and family of our founder is expecting baby number two. Watch as the Texas tigers reveal the gender of her baby. BIG CAT TV is a close look into our [More]
It was GRRREAT to see some of the BIG cats I used to help care for at Big Cat Rescue yesterday 🙂 I think most of them were glad to see me, except for Amanda [More]
Marmite you either love it or you hate it…. But what about tigers, lions and leopards? Big Cat Rescue decided to find out and we got some funny reactions! Find out more about Marmite here: [More]
This video introduces the viewer to all of our 18 tigers and 4 lions that currently call Big Cat Rescue home! They all come from a variety of different backgrounds, but are now enjoying life [More]
For the new year, the Texas tigers, Amanda, Andre, and Arthur, go on vacation. This is a 2.5 acre, open air enclosure, where they can run, swim, and explore. Check out all of the fun [More]