In this video we’re building a personal Christmas tree made of cardboard for the cat where he will spend his free time with pleasure and celebrate Christmas with us (and with you, too, of course. The Christmas tree has entrances and exits. It’s a kind of [More]
Tree of Cuteness – Foster kittens at Big Cat Rescue Recorded from the amazing Kitten Cabana webcam at Find all the webcam listed at You can donate to the cats at NO COST [More]
This Kitten was cheerful and constantly climbing on trees
Man Having Bad Day Is So Excited To Save A Life | This guy was having the worst day ever when a kitten who needed his help jumped right into his arms! Special thanks to [More]
Subscribe: When we learned of these kittens living in a tree hollow we knew we had to help them! … *I never personally saw the black and white kitten or the momma cat, we [More]
The Tree – Simon’s Cat Simon comes to his cat’s rescue after discovering him up a tree – meowing for help! Want to see more? SUBSCRIBE and ‘HIT THE BELL’ for Notifications! – The [More]
September Shopping Finds | Cat Toys | Dollar Tree Haul. hope yall enjoy my Dollar Tree haul with kitty things! I got some other goodies too. Enjoy and if you love Dollar Tree hauls please [More]
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We have some few cats in the house (persian cat, siamese cat, shorthair, ragdoll etc.), and they’re chasing the mouse from Little Live Pets! These cat toys are so cute and fast, and one of [More]
best cat toys Baby kittens can be entertained with a simple idea – a coloured tree branch made of wire and hanged on a cat tower perhaps. all copyrights reserved, copying any video without permission [More] – Appearances by Nomad, Sitka, Sequoia, and Simba Kahn – (** Please note that when you see the cats/kittens in an outdoor setting that they are in a *cat safe enclosure* — they can’t [More]
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Ivan was stuck in a tree and his sibling, Cecil, climbed up to help him…but then both cats found themselves stuck and needed help from Canopy Cat Rescue!
Kitten rescue – Kitten on the tree. The kitten meowing on the tree to ask for help. Rescue kitten from a tree was promptly I climbed a tree and rescued kitten. The kitten came from [More]
They are pretty tired by now but they love the new toys.
Every year in December is time starts battle between cats and Christmas tree. This battle never ends. This awesome funny cats playing with Christmas tree decorations AnimalzTV in Internet: Please Subscribe: Like us on [More]
Our 9 week old kitten Holly decided to climb into or Christmas Tree and would not get out.
Councilmember Kshama Sawant rescues a kitten; Murray, Banks, SPOG president Ron Smith react. Produced for the South Seattle Emerald
Shaun is likened to a superhero after he rescues family cat Spaz, who has been missing for three weeks, from a nearby tree. | Treetop Cat Rescue premieres Saturday 9/8c on Animal Planet! For more, [More]
I decorate my christmas tree with cat toys We are fostering the beautiful Kofi & Boris for Macja hisa (eng. Cat house) – Slovenian cat rescue organization, please click on the link above and support them today, thanks!