Priya arrived at the sanctuary in 2016 as a very aggressive but very sick tiger. Fast forward a year and a half later and see how she is doing now! You can help feed the [More]
Baby Badger might be a bit of a hot mess, but he’s doing better every day–and he’s totally worth it! Want to know more about Badger? Watch his rescue video here: Video produced by [More]
Here’s a 3-week update about Baby Hankie, the kitten from the tissue box. Stay tuned for more updates about Hank! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Produced by Adam Myatt
BIGGEST UPDATE EVER! | C.A.T.S | Crash Arena Turbo Stars Gameplay Part 32 – NEW ULTIMATE GAME MODE WITH XXL CATS MACHINES! Business enquiries: ? ? SUBSCRIBE: ? TWITTER: ? FACEBOOK: ? [More]
A quick video of my visit to the Kitten Rescue Nursery in Los Angeles. I also checked on the Lettuce Kittens, who stayed with me one night a couple weeks ago.
Chloe the paralyzed kitten is such an inspiration! #gochloego Photos + Videos by Hannah Shaw and Andrew Marttila Produced by Adam Myatt FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:
URGENT! Communication lost as MONSTER Hurricane Irma crossed, made landfall Barbuda Caribbean now heading to Puerto Rico and Florida. EXTREME DANGEROUS Most powerful strongest ever in Atlantic history Hurricane Irma followed by Tropical Storm Jose [More]
Kitten rescue update. We are all in love with our new kitten, but clearly Piper loves Andrew the most! Plus, check out the playroom disaster! Thank you so much for helping us reach 15,000 SUBSCRIBERS! [More]
**I volunteer with a rescue and these kittens will all be fixed and adopted into loving homes when old enough 🙂 They won’t be able to breed and to contribute to the overpopulation and euthanasia [More]
You guys been asking for an update with the kittens so here you go! If we reach 20,000 likes Ill make ANOTHER Video doing something FUN with my kitten 😀 You can find MORE KITTEN [More]
A one-week update on Small Fry, the emaciated kitten who won our hearts 7 days ago. Check out to learn more about my work!
I go fishing as a cat, and plenty of fish ensue! Cat Goes Fishing Playlist: Meow: Site: Follow: Like:
This little guy was spotted at the edge of a dangerous road in the aftermath of Typhoon Matmo as it swept over northern Taiwan. When rescued, he was cold, vet, and almost lifeless. Here’s how [More]
WATCH LITTLE LAZARUS COME HOME: WATCH HIS REACTION TO HIS GOPRO VIDEO: Lazarus, the frozen kitten who caught the world’s attention, is making an incredible recovery since he was found lifeless in the [More]
Latest ownership and a story about some kittens that got into my car.
See how Mickey the cougar is doing after both knee surgeries. This video is narrated by our vet, Dr. Boorstein.
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Here’s an update on our new rescue. We named him Finn. After almost two weeks he has done amazingly well. He’s even drinking water from the water dish, using the litter box on his own [More]
Hey! Quick update after I had a 6 hour nap. Apologies for any technical issues, I’m working that out (I told OBS 29.97 and still, STILL here we are with a 60fps webcam and drifting [More]
Leave a Like for more Kittens! Kitten Playlist: 4 weeks old, these kittens are starting to play with each other and run around.
I got something in the mail that I bought from eBay Brum: Kitten Rescue (2004 Australian VHS) Released In 2004 By ABC Video Brum (C) Ragdoll Limited
These kittens were rescued a few days prior to this video. Yvonne works to tame them so they will be adoptable soon. She teaches them to trust through feeding them on a spoon and with [More]