Vlog funny kitten Bantik good morning cat #savi
My kitten was a stray kitten who was rescued at 6 weeks old and loves to snuggle. Watch this kitten sit on my lap and purr. For all of my videos I recommend wearing headsets [More]
It’s been a crazyyyy couple of weeks! I love you guys!! HELP US RAISE 100k for charity!!!! http://www.pranavabeaity.com *FASHION BLOG http://www.thebeautybybel.com RECENT VLOGS: *VALENTINE’S DAY +MEETING MY GIVEAWAY Winners! https://youtu.be/J6zlXpifZjI *WEDDING DRESSES, SLEEPOVERS & CAR [More]
R.I.P. kitten. You fought so hard. Please keep in mind that I cannot film every moment of my life. A lot of the times in the vlog show the kitten crying because I was trying [More]
I hope you all enjoy meeting Monty and his friends, Sam and Chance. If you want to see more remember to leave them some love 🙂 —————————————- Don’t forget to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BecomeAKipper Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuskyMUDKIPZ Instagram: [More]
Kitten’s Training Day – #JUNOTHECAT Vlog #9 1. Juno playing inside Barbie Toy Box 2. Juno loves the smell of the burger wrap 3. Training Juno not to play/bite fingers More Videos ? Blowing Kitten’s [More]
We had a terrible night trying to rescue this kitten at City Centre, but didn’t succeed. Then, Hannah talks about the problem with stray animals in Bahrain and feels guilty. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our Story: We are [More]