Brumby the Maine Coon kitten 8 weeks old
EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM — Great news for all cat lovers! You CAN train your cats to use the toilet like humans. Noodles, the cat, from Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, has demonstrated its superb toilet [More]
Annie the kitten is now 4 weeks old. She is becoming more curious, learning to use the litter box, and playing with toys. She is such a joy! Music:
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Here’s a 3-week update about Baby Hankie, the kitten from the tissue box. Stay tuned for more updates about Hank! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Produced by Adam Myatt
Maine Coon kitten 8 weeks old
Faolan Edan’s first days as a Persian cat
Meet our Chinchilla Persian kitten, Barry Allen! subscribe for more videos: Arnold’s vlog: Subscribe to Arnold: My beauty and fashion channel: WANNA SEE MORE VLOGS? CLICK BELOW: I WAS DRUNK AT [More]
I’ve successfully used this technique many times. Changing some very feral cats into some of the sweetest pets.
some suggesed kitten training tips and items you can get to start training your kittens as early as 4 weeks old. This will teach them to know where they can safely use their claws 🙂
Shaun is likened to a superhero after he rescues family cat Spaz, who has been missing for three weeks, from a nearby tree. | Treetop Cat Rescue premieres Saturday 9/8c on Animal Planet! For more, [More]
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Born 4th of May 2014. Follow us on Facebook 🙂
Pad Kee Meow, the first cat in the rat circus, at three weeks of training. Here are a few tricks we’ve been working on!