Programme website: A rusty spotted cat, the world’s smallest cat, explores his forest home in Sri Lanka, but his natural curiosity is destined to get him into a spot of trouble.
This is Ludo the Maine Coon. He is the biggest house cat in the world and the biggest Maine Coon on record! Ludo loves his entire human family and watches over his human brothers very [More]
5 world’s largest cat breeds that actually exist. We countdown the world’s largest cat breeds. The biggest cat in the world goes to the Savannah cat, the domestic cats that we know and love today [More]
Maine Coon Cat Off World’s Longest Tail,Incredibly Long and Fluffy!
World’s most rare cat breed worth 1.5 mil roubles presented in St Pete
Omar, the Maine Coon cat from Melbourne, is in the running to be named the world’s longest cat after Guinness World Records contacted his owner, Stephy Hirst, following a picture she posted of him on [More]
Omar the Australian Maine Coon measures 120 centimetres, and weighs a hefty 14 kilograms. Guinness World Records contacted Omar’s owners after they posted a picture of the massive furball on Facebook. If he wins, he [More]
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A Caracal cat named Demo Moore, one of the world’s most expensive and rare cat breeds which could set you back around 1.5 million roubles (about €22,100/$23,400), was presented by its owner in St. Petersburg, [More]
Here’s a compilation of World’s best and funniest cat videos that will make you laugh for sure! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and other animals, get [More]
Officially the world’s largest domestic cat, Scarlett’s Magic is carrying the wildest genes of any pet feline on the planet. Scarlet’s Magic is a savannah cat: a cross between a domestic cat and a serval.
Watch our video on World’s Smallest Cats & Cat Breeds 2016 1. The Japanese bobtail is completely naturally, and it’s bobtail contributes to its unique appearance. Considered to be good luck by the Japanese, the [More]
Because every cat deserves a home that says, “Check meow!” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedVideo videos! MUSIC I’m Walking Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music GET MORE BUZZFEED: [More]
See more: — Tallest Pet Cat – Guinness World Records – official – she was bred and raised at A1 Savannahs, the premier Savannah cat breeder in the world. She is called MAGIC, an [More]
World’s BIGGEST CAT! The LIGER (a LION TIGER cross SUPER-BREED!) Annotation text from video: This liger, named Hercules, is a cross between a male lion and a female tiger. He stands over ten feet tall [More] company from EU, cat toys and cat gyms hand made. Cat gym (catwheel) 2 sizes. More infos on home page (DE; SE; LV; GB; HU; IT; RU) Video by: Szabó Imre (owners of Zsömle [More]
“Wait for it….” (Our boy Sammy enjoying his brand new toy!)
Facebook like us: My website: Savannah Cats the world’s tallest domestic cat. A1 Savannahs Savannah cats have been featured on Fox 6 San Diego News. Most expensive breed of cat – the world [More]
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