Take Care of a Persian cat | Persian Cat Care Tips

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Persian cats are known for their beauty and affection to their owners. This video explains the behavior & living style of persian cat. When you bring home a persian cat for first time, make sure you ask for the full medical record of your kitten.

Generally Persian cats are healthy but unfortunately there are some specific health issues only related to them because of their genes. Because of their short nose, they face a healthy problem. They have some kidney and heart issues as well. Make sure to take your Persian cat to vet for regular check ups. Vaccinate them, ask your veterinarian about the type of problem you persian cat most vulnerable to. Know about the symptoms of the diseases.

Groom your cat a lot. Brush their coat, bath them, Trim their nails. Clean their eyes and ears. Grooming will make a bond between both of you. it will also let her know that she is being loved. Grooming will also help you in knowing about any potential skin disease of your cat.

Feeding your cat properly is very important for her health. Give your cat proper food and ask your vet/breeder about the type of food for your cat.

Socialize your cat. Persian cats are mostly indoor cats. Let her play with you and your family. Give her treats. provide her favorite toys. Take best care of her and she is gonna be with you lifetime.

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