Take Care of a Scottish fold | Scottish fold Cat breed info & Facts

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Scottish folds are sweet and charming medium sized cat breed. This video explains a detailed overview of the most important points while taking care of a Scottish fold. They are very intelligent and affectionate cats.
They were first discovered in Scotland in mid-20th century but many trace back their origin to China. The first recognized Scottish fold was born on a farm in Scotland. All the Scottish folds today trace back their ancestry to that first known cat named “Susie”.

Cats are carnivores means they must eat meat. Choose a high quality food for Scottish fold. Check the ingredients of your product and make sure it has meat as an important component. Meat may be beef, chicken, turkey or in any other form.
You can give your cat wet or dry food. Make sure her diet contains a lot of protein

Grooming is essential for your cat and depends on the hair type of your cat. Long haired Scottish fold needs to be brushed daily, While short haired needs to brushed one or two times in a week. Use a wire slicker brush or steel comb.

Scottish folds are very friendly and affectionate cats. It is a perfect choice for families having children, cat and dogs. They are not only affectionate towards their owner but may also develop a bond with other members of family.

Scottish folds love to exercise and play with their owners. Give them proper attention and spend quality time with them. Play with your Scottish fold for at least 30 minutes each day since they love human interaction.
You can provide her another cat to play and exercise with. Scottish folds are dog friendly and even can make a bond with dog.

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