Texas Tigers Go On Vacation

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For the new year, the Texas tigers, Amanda, Andre, and Arthur, go on vacation. This is a 2.5 acre, open air enclosure, where they can run, swim, and explore. Check out all of the fun they are having!!


Animalist says:

Starting the year off with a vacation, nice!?

Martin Kjellberg says:

tigers like funky music??

linda boyce says:

i never knew that tigers went in for fiber..i thought they were strictly
meat eaters. are they supposed to have that loose skin on their bellies or
are they underweight? they are beautiful, shame they can’t stay in this
playground, do all the cats take turns in it? thank you for all that you
do, you are wonderful people.?

chihuahuabulldog says:

Great video! Thank you or sharing.?

Elvishswimmer says:

So fun!
How do you feed them when they are all together like that??

1957user says:

Where do you guys find this great background music for all of your videos?
It’s fantastic!?

Morgan Booth says:

Wow they’re just like my two little furballs at home … they destroy
(in reference to how the tigers were eating the trees and snapping them in
half – lol!)
btw, is it normal for the tigers to eat shrubbery like that??

Trixies Mama says:

I always thought tigers were very solitary, that’s neat to see 3 living
together. Are they siblings??

Trollnumber12 says:

They sure like to pee on stuff.?

Lps Destiny says:

Oh how cute >\< Kawaii Tigers :3 also Im 15th view (>^___^)>?

wheelmanstan says:

awesome, how many vacations do they get per year??

bernard musafiri says:

Do you re use the vacation for the other animals (specifically the small

InfiniteNosferatu says:

The tree at 4:20 is in my yard, took me a shovel and chainsaw to get rid of
and Arthur gets rid of it with one tug! How is that fair?! Dx But they
all looks like they enjoyed themselves 😀 And Arthur looked proud of his
redecorating <3?

Toxic_Sunset says:

These are from Texas, right? So are you guys rotating through different
states, larger rescues or is the residency something else? I had a chance
to go once but I hadn’t heard of it so we didn’t go. Regret that now
though! Thank you, for giving big and small wild cats somewhere they can
be happy for the time they are there.?

Sue Devers says:

I see they like to do their own landscaping–tearing off bark and pruning
trees!!! LOL I have a question though–what reason does the FL Wildlife
Commission give for saying leopards cannot get the open air vacation? They
need it also, don’t they??


How deep is the pond?
And do the smaller cats get vacation rotation too? Please answer?

Tally Blades says:

How do you clean the vacation enclosures? Wouldn’t other cats be bothered
by all the marks left by previous cats??

witchofrivia says:

They sure love the tunnel! Thank you for sharing this video with all of us
Big Cat Rescue fans!?

Blitzen says:

I wanna visit and meet some of the furry guys in person. Hopefully i’ll be
able to soon. :)?

Aeval K says:

I love the way they played follow the leader in the beginning. At least
until the smaller one couldn’t get pass the two bigger tigers in the
tunnel. I suppose it was “forget this team business I’ll find my own path”
from then on.
By the way, I’m really enjoying the BIG Cat Rescue Facebook page. No one,
not friends, acquaintances, even relations could drag me on any social
network with my “if you want to talk we’ll visit, call or email or I don’t
think the entire world needs to be alerted when I walk out the door or buy
a great pair of boots.” attitude.
It took serious fangs, claws and muscles to get me on Facebook. Although I
suppose if Zabu, Cameron or any other big cat had emailed I’d probably
think “oh damn, another freaky stalker and this one’s pretending to be a
cat” or someone I know needs a trip to a very special doctor followed by a
long rest in quiet padded cell.
I encourage the rest of the Big Catties who follow BCR on YouTube to check
out the Facebook page. It’s really funny, beautiful, interactive and
informative. The posters are a lovely lot as well. ?

Adver Sarial says:

Do Andre and Arthur fight for the girl ??

Hanna Jalon says:

Do tigers mark their territory? If they do. How do they do it??

bcgrote says:

They know what’s up! Man, all the great scents and stuff to chew and
chase! Fun!

Does only one of the boys mark, or do they all? ?

YuGatbans Han says:

Do you ever set some of the big cats into the wild?

David Rinella says:

You mentioned FL doesn’t let leopards go into open-air enclosures. Why not??

Milady Blue says:

The BCR equivalent of Disneyworld, to judge by the reactions of the cats.?

Bobfish Almighty says:

I can just imagine them like “hey y’all, check out this tunnel. It’s mine

Laurynas says:

It awesome to see that tigers has so much stuff in their enclosures, it
keeps them busy and happy.?

fr1kins says:

will they be joining KQLY??

Melissa Ordonez Ordonez says:

Cool love tigers and huge fan!!?????????????????????????????

RebubbleSpirit says:

Vacation Party time!! /0/?

Greyfort says:

LOL They love that new tunnel. It’s quite a sight watching three big
tigers all entering the enclosure together.?

budcat7 says:

Magnificent! They are just beautiful and goofy like my two miniature guys
here. Love to watch these guys play and be so happy. Great work by Big Cat
Rescue! Thank you!?

DragonFae16 says:

The three of them together really shows the size difference between males
and females.?

TheFurriestOne says:

Does one of them have a skinny tail? They sure picked up the pace when they
saw what was waiting for them at the end of that tunnel- “Oh wow!” XD Also,
nice music!?

utube101x says:

BCR’s ponds are Alligator Free. Feel free to take a dip. Watch out for the
tigers though.?

Elaine Maze says:

I never get tired of watching big cats, especially tigers. I truly
appreciate you guys posting these videos so that I can watch the cats play.
I hope one day that the wild cat population returns to where it should be
and the caged ones go down.?

SmokieJo says:

They are so gorgeous! They look like they’re having a ball in their
vacation area???? especially loved them in the water ?????

swank Mon says:

I love tigers?

Linda McGinnis says:

I LOVE watching these babies play!!! ??

glowfishin1 says:

How do the cats cope when the weather gets cold (cold for Florida, I mean)??

90Kirame says:

“This is mine…this is mine too…yeah, this is definitely mine…oh, I
want this too! So many places to mark!”?


Aww they look so happy and peaceful! Better than my vacation thats for sure
haha ?

Billy McGrath says:

what a wonderful, large, enclosure for them to do their cat activities in?

yoshii2011xo says:

Such a typical trait of cats- chew everything! Haha?

Valentijn101 says:

Great to see ???? keep up this good work!?

Gigi Neill says:

Cute they sure like those tunnels!!!!!!?

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