The dog scared the cats. Cats' war of life. Persian cat is healthy now.

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The dog scared the cats. Cats’ war of life. Persian cat is healthy now.
When a small house dog came to the area of ??100 cats, funny images appeared. With the little dog running towards the cats, all the cats climbed the trees.

Rescue Persian kitten, thrown into the street. Video link:
I found this Persian kitten thrown into the street. The air temperature is below 0 degrees. He was very hungry, sick, injured and cold. A kitten about 3 months old. I couldn’t leave her to die in that cold. I took the kitten and took it to the vet. He had a bleeding wound in his ear. Her body was covered with fleas. Since the kitten was hungry, we could see his bones. The kitten was treated for internal and external parasites. The kitten has anemia and infection disease. Kittens will be treated with antibiotics for 3 days. After all the treatments were done at the vet, I took the kitten to the house where I lived. Jennefer and the other cats didn’t like this guest. We have eight cats now. Every day we become a bigger family. #persiancat #catrescue #luckypaws

Hello friends. There are a lot of stray cats in the area where we live. We help with nutrition, neutering, adoption and housing. By watching the video to the end, you support us. If you like the video, don’t forget to press the like button after watching it. By recommending our channel to your friends and relatives, you can take care of stray cats in better conditions. As far as I can count, 80 to 100 cats live in this area.

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