The Official Cat Training Course – Walkthrough (Super Mario Maker 2)

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I made this tutorial course to show people the way of the cat. I cover all basic moves and tricks that I know Cat Mario has, because some players might be unfamiliar with this power-up. The level gets a bit more difficult after the second checkpoint, so I hope this walkthrough helps.

This is also my first 3D World level – I found out that it’s pretty hard to indicate stuff in this style, because you don’t have tracks. That’s why I often wrote “Y” and “Z” in the walls, but obviously this way is not as clear. I also used regular coins for Z indicators and I will probably keep doing that in my future 3D World levels.

Maker: Katz
Code: 32K-13V-DLF

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My SMM2 ID: N49-Y01-HBG
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