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Everyone loves cats, even those who say no. So looking for some cat breeds I show you some particularly not so common but adorable. Watch it now!


Adorable, weird and elegant. Their outstanding feature is their curly hair of a variety of colors, with long loose or curls.

Dwelf Cat
The Dwelf Cat is quite unusual as it isn’t an official breed yet. This is because it’s a breed created by Karen Nelson in 2007, a cat lover allergic to the hair of these loving felines.

Maine Coon
They’re unique, symmetrical, and have a peculiar gaze. Native to the United States, the Maine Coon’s main characteristics are its long and pointy ears.

Scottish Fold
As the name implies, this is a Scottish cat, and its most appealing feature are its small ears bending forward, something that made it well-known.

Bengal Cat
The Bengal Cat is a big, sturdy feline with a chunky tail. This is an exceptional pet as it looks like a domesticated tiger!

Cornish Rex
This kitty of English origin is muscular, thin, and long. What catches my attention about the Cornish Rex is its soft to the touch curly coat. Even their whiskers are curly!

Khao Manee
The Khao Manee will leave you amazed by its different-colored eyes! This gorgeous Thailand feline is known as Diamond Eye, White Gem, or Royal Cat of Siam.

Savannah Cat
It’s a very exceptional feline; the Savannah is a tall and thin animal with long legs. It comes from crossbreeding experiments between its direct ancestor, the Serval, and domestic cats, thus giving them such a particular and exotic appearance.

This exceptional animal is originally from Russia, San Petersburg. Its creator was Olga Mironova, who mixed the Russian breed Doskoy with the Oriental Shorthair and Siamese.

Ashera Cat
This is a one-of-a-kind feline! Expensive, sterile, and custom-made for the client. It isn’t a pure breed, nor does it have an ancestral pedigree, it was born in a lab.

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