The Serval Ballet Dance | Africa Wild Cats Settle Dispute Through Animation Rather Than Violence

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-=Fast Forward To 8:33 to skip to the Serval Dance=-

An incredible behavioral display from two serval siblings. Lyra and Vega demonstrate how to settle a dispute non-violently. I don’t know much about this behavior and have not found anything on the web about it. It cannot be unique to these two lesser cats as it happened more than once. It’s natural behavior.

Servals are solitary; both males and female but their territories overlap. I theory is this is a conflict solution to avoid injury and may be an adaptation to survive in the wild. An injury can mean death in the wild. Perhaps the serval adopted his method of conflict resolution to prevent injuries and solve disputes at the same time.

The American Plains Indians settled disputes in a similar way… called Coup Counting where a bloodless battle was fought but no one died. A brave would declare a ‘coup’ on an opponent in a simulated battle. The victor won rights and the loser bowed in defeat.

The serval is a beautiful cat in and matched by its behavior. They love searching and hunting small prey like rodents, birds, lizards and rabbits. Their long legs (longest of all cat species relative to size) allow them to run up to 50MPH. The 2nd fastest cat. Their ears are large and helps them identify movement in the undergrowth. They can jump straight up… 9 feet and will stomp their prey with leaping pounces after locating them with their keen hearing.

A servals fur is extremely fine and soft to the touch. They have both stripes like a tiger and spots like a cheetah. Their soft fur is a detriment to their existence due to ongoing poaching and the fur industry.

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