The Tossed Cats | Minecraft Diaries [S2: Ep.88 Roleplay Adventure]

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Back in Phoenix Drop things have settled but are still developing! Then there are things we need to get rid of… *whispers* like Donna’s mother. Opps…

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Aphmau wakes up and finds herself alone in the guest room of Meteli. She finds that a special “Thank You” gift has been left for her by Hayden and is reluctant to take it but ends up accepting it. Outside she runs into a very familiar face – it’s Emmalyn! She learns that while Emmalyn was visiting Meteli on her library run, Emmalyn was detained and held there for questioning of the Lords murder. Now that the whole Lord case has been solved Emmalyn is now free to continue her research on Lady Irene and does so but promises to come back to Phoenix Drop as soon as she’s done. Then Aphmau heads to the center of town where she sees Castor the Chicken Shaman and Ulrich exchanging a few words of negotiation. Turns out the village offered Castor the finest of Root Beer as a sincere apology for trying to blame him for the murder of the Lord. Castor accepts but ends up running off with his chickens and forgetting to take the root beer, upon which Ulrich decides to have it delivered. Laurance is just in the area and Aphmau finds out he went to apologize to Gale for trying to blame him for everything. Then Laurance and Aphmau head back home to Phoenix Drop. On the way Laurance has a lot to tell Aphmau about his feelings and opens up claiming that even if they don’t end up as lovers he still wants her in his life. Laurance embraces Aphmau and the two are still. After, Aphmau backs away a bit shy but Laurance just smiles. They continue to Phoenix Drop and upon their entry are greeted by Brian who has exciting news! Alexis is about to wake up! Quickly Laurance and Aphmau head to Lucinda’s house. Inside of Lucinda’s house they find Garroth, Dale, Molly, Lucinda, and Bigglesworth surrounding an asleep Alexis. Lucinda then performs her witchcraft on Alexis and is successful! The now awake Alexis is greeted with smiles from everyone and smiles herself. She’s so excited she ends up just wanting to play. Aphmau puts together a private party for Alexis so she can enjoy herself – Levin and Malachi take a great liking to Alexis too! Everyone is happy!


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