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The Ultimate Cat Tunnel – product review —

A few days ago, our fur-friends at Pets Can Play asked us to review this awesome cat toy! So, we decided to create a quick video showing our cats having fun playing.
Here is just a few things we wanted to add as part of the product description
• The fabric used to create the ultimate cat tunnel is stronger and it doesn’t make as much noise as other cat tunnels we had in the past.
• This is the 1st cat tunnel I ever seeing that can be combined with others to extend its length, and create multiple angles. It has several straps on the sides of this unique cat tunnel that can bend the tunnel at different positions (from 180 degrees to 90 degrees).
• The Ultimate Cat Tunnel is also longer and higher than others – over 4.5 feet long (55 inches or 140cm) AND over 1 foot high (13.8 inches or 35cm) — this way cats of all sizes can play!
• It has 5 exit/entrance points (giving your little hunter multiple ways to play)
• Another cool feature is that it can be stored! Just use the Velcro straps to tie the front and back — and place it back inside the purple matching zipper storage carrying bag. In addition to keeping my living room organized, I like that every time I open the bag and get the Ultimate Cat Tunnel out our cats act just as if it was a new toy!
As always, Pets Can Play gave us a durable product with great design! You can use teaser toys, like the Bird Catcher Pro EX to stimulate your cat to play –they will go crazy!!

The Ultimate Cat Tunnel Review
Our Cats Playing with the Ultimate Cat Tunnel
Pita Cat Review the Ultimate Cat Tunnel

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