The Unknown Effects of Cat Videos – Friskies

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Humans watch over 3 million hours of cat videos every day. It is not yet known what effect this is having on the general population.

Could this cause a sports fan to purr at a bird? Someone at a bus stop to touch a total stranger’s earring? A student to chase a laser during a lecture? A job applicant to push paperclips off an interviewers desk?

Don’t try to watch every cat video. Just watch the best ones.

Thank you to Will Braden, creator of “Henri le Chat Noir,” for this video! See more of Henri at


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Furball Fables says:

Hey Friskies, we think you may be onto something very important here! First
the human starts meowing, and giving some headbumps. Before you know it
they are playing with pom poms and ping pong balls and drinking catnip
tea! ?

The Oreo Cat says:

Well see… The paper clip one actually does work in uncomfortable office
work situations. For example evaluations or interviews… ?

Timetraveler_1 says:

haha amazing cute ^^, meeeow >*-*< ?

Ive Chang says:

Lol, I have a cup sleeve that says “Easily distracted by shiny objects”
Everyone who knows me knows it’s true! I would so be the earring lady?????ive?

Rita Brown says:

Hilarious! What can watching too many cat videos do to a person?
#Caturday ?

Raven Anastasia Giuliani says:
Tommy, Gracie & Leo says:

The Unknown Effects of Cat Videos – Friskies
Humans watch over 3 million hours of cat videos every day!
#cats #catvideos #catlovers ?

Jessica Vargas says:

Nya nya?

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