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We are starting to think this CATS CONTAGIOUS after an influx of wonderful guests on board this season – keen to see the boat and try it on for size.

We interview James and Catherine from Nova Scotia, get their take on life aboard Luckyfish and why they have homed in on the Wharram Tiki 38 as their tool to sail around the world.

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This 18 day trek in September 2018, will take us to the remote north of Mongolia. Join us as we film, fish and travel via 4WD and on horseback in search of the largest Salmonid in the world, the Taiman. Learn more about the amazing history and people of this unique country. Visit a shaman. This is an opportunity to experience the real Mongolia and is not a tourist trip! Jilly has been organizing these private expeditions for years to help fund her charity work. She is now building her 4th school there. A reasonable amount physical fitness is required. To receive the planned itinerary, dates and pricing send an email to Spaces are limited. We hope you can join us!


Almost every cruiser these days has a cat or wants a cat, but the fact is, few can afford them. Here at Luckyfish Gets Away we believe that cruising has always been about the performance, not the stage. We try to keep our platform simple and sustainable, so we can max out on experiences.

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Love Stew and Zaya

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None of this would have been possible without the love of sailing from fellow sailors. That pretty much covers it.

A big THANK YOU to the Creatives at:

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