Thor and Nyla, BLIND feral cats!

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Thor was born feral, and is completely blind. That he somehow managed to survive his first year of life is a testament to his remarkable resilience, intelligence and will to live. Thor will not be returning to his life in the wild, and we are working on socializing him while we work on getting his ringworm, upper respiratory infection, and eye situation sorted out.

Nyla is from the same feral colony, keeping Thor company whilst she recovers from her spay and enucleation surgery to remove remnants of a ruptured eyeball. Fortunately, Nyla’s other eye is purrfect, so she can see!

Nyla is very fearful in captivity, so we are planning to return to her friends and family in our Happy Forest managed feral colony once she’s fully recovered. As with all of our ferals, we will bring her back in if she needs further medical care or if she changes her mind about life with humans.

UPDATE JAN 17: Thor and Nyla have been upgraded to a new room! We are still working hard to clear their highly contagious ringworm infections, so they need to remain in isolation and we need to follow a strict and labor-intensive contagion containment protocol every time we enter and exit the room.

UPDATE JAN 9: Thor is safe now, and we promise he will know nothing but love, comfort and a full belly from now on. He’s already gained a pound in just six days in our care, and as you can see, is settling in quite nicely along with his feral playmate Nyla.

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Welcome to our feral cat ringworm recovery room! Because ringworm is a highly contagious, zoonotic fungus, we have to do things a little differently in this room. We follow a strict contagion containment / disinfection protocol and will not be able to have anything in the room we can’t soak in bleach for 10 minutes. We also have to put on disinfected bunny suits and gloves every time we enter the room, which makes for a LOT of laundry.

We trapped 9-month-old Horton from our Happy Forest feral colony, sick and desperately in need of help. He’s starting to feel much better, but was lonely after we returned the last of his TNR’ed friends.

Holiday came in two days ago from the same colony, along with her blind mama Harriet. Holiday has ringworm too, so it worked out purrfectly for her to move in with Horton… and they became instant BFFs!

It looks like all three will be #ReturnFails (we are TERRIBLE at the “Return” part of Trap-Neuter-Return), so we will be accepting applications now!

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