Tiny Kitten’s First Bath

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Cole the black kitten was rescued by a friend of ours, she noticed him at a busy intersection one evening in Florida and couldn’t locate his mom or any siblings nearby so took him home… She texted us a picture of this cute little fuzzball and we picked him up the next day! … This was filmed on April 17th 2012 and we estimated him to be around 5-6 weeks old, he was COVERED in fleas as you can see when we were bathing him the blood was just dripping off of his tiny little body and the following day we found out that he was anemic because of this 🙁

PLUS we also discovered that she (Destiny) was actually a HE! … sorry Cole!

Many of you have been asking to see more kitten footage of Cole, so I thought it would be fun to share this with you, hope you enjoy it, even if Destiny *sorry I mean Cole didn’t!! 🙂

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