Tiny Kittens VS. Yarn, The YARN WINS – Kitten Love

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You gotta see the end!

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OMG Kitties, is the yarn too powerful?! Special thanks to Petopia Animal Rescue: http://petopia-animalrescue.com

Producer: Gabe Evans, Chad Hursa


The Pet Collective says:

Yarn is a powerful toy?

katthy muñoz says:

Que lindos gatitos! Me alegraron el dia estas bellezas felinas :)?

JMcE1969 says:

Cute! I just wish these clips were longer…?

Mininus Kitten says:

Talk about a smitten kitten mitten!?

Hamster lover says:


katthy muñoz says:

Que lindos gatitos 🙂 Me alegraron el dia estas bellezas felinas :)?

biankapaloma says:

My cat also adores yarn…:)?

AllenTax says:

Hope last kitty is ok. Sounded got hurt.????

Raquel Perez Alvarez says:

Que ermosos?

iballiscsquid kitty says:


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