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Instant Purr Recipe: Just Add love!
Tippy instantly begins to purr as soon as you hold her! Bright, curious and alert, she loves people and gets along fine with other cats, too. Born in July 2011, Tippy is a beautiful Siamese mix with gorgeous blue eyes. She is VERY active and loves to play with any kind of toy…..for hours! But Tippy realizes she’s not quite like other cats. She was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that makes it hard for her to walk without tumbling along the way. But she’s a determined little girl, and even if she can’t walk or run like other cats, she manages to get where she wants to go and uses her litter box every time! Tippy is used to her condition and enjoys life, just the way it is.
Like other cats with this condition, Tippy is expected to live a normal lifespan and will learn to compensate somewhat for her disability. Despite her challenges, she’s a sweet and outgoing little girl who has a lot of love to give to that compassionate person who will love her back just as she is.
Could you be the one to prove that love conquers all? Tippy sure hopes so!


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