To Coon or Not To Coon: Pros and Cons of Having a Maine Coon Cat|| Maine Coon Cat Care

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To Coon or Not To Coon: Pros and Cons of Having a Maine Coon Cat
Maine Coon cats continue to be one of the most popular and well loved breed of domesticated cats. Its popularity is not just in the US but all over the world. The breed has consistently made it to the Top 3 most popular breeds. For a lot of Maine Coon cat owners and enthusiasts, it’s easy to see why. Although their size remains as their most noticeable quality, it’s not just the Maine Coon’s size that cat lovers are raving about.

Another awesome quality of Maine Coon cats are their magnificent coats. Because of their luscious coat, Maine Coon cats have this regal look that makes them distinguishable. Add the mane of fur around the neck area and you have one totally charming cat. Their thick coat keeps them warm during the winter. But it also gives them their majestic appearance.


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