Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds – Cute Cats and Kittens Videos Compilation

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Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds – Cute Cats and Kittens Videos
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Hi! I would like welcome you to my channel for watching cute cats or kittens compilation. In this video have been compiled with many cute Most Popular Cat Breeds :
Persian cat is a breed cat in the noble, very cute for me lovely and refined and cultured in temperament, smart, savvy, less quiet, gentle love cry a, coquetry, behave graceful bearing, naturally be spoiled state, give a person a kind of noble feeling.
A bout Maine Coon cat is a breed that popular one that Largest shaped longhair, strong, the soles of the feet is big and round. The middle face, ear height, ear, wide spaced eyes, M tiger forehead. Characteristics of purebred Maine Coon cat must have is: eye, lips and jaw pad must be black.
If we talk a bout American Shorthair expect to improve the United States cat’s hair color and increase their weight, thus was born the exotic shorthair. Exotic Shorthair has thick fur, also retained the Persian cat unique cute face and round shape.
Abyssinian cat is ancient Egypt to be worshiped as “sacred” ancient Egyptian cat descended in the ancient Egyptian god of cat mummies, a blood red cat and it is very similar, therefore,
Siamese cat (known as Siam, Thai Cat), Is the world famous Shorthair, represents the variety and shorthair.
Ragdoll is a large cat in size and weight of a cat. V-shaped head, large round eyes, hair rich, thick limbs, tail length, body soft, multi-focus color, three-color or two-color cats.
A bout the Sphynx cat this cat breed is a natural mutation produces pet cat, except in the ears, mouth, nose, tail before forging, feet and other parts of the somewhat thin and soft lanugo, other body parts had no hair,
Birman is also called Sacred Birman, first by Burma ancient temple monk feeds, as a nursing house cat, introduced into Europe in the eighteenth Century gradually evolved stereotypes.
American Shorthair is a cat Native American ancestors, the early European immigrants brought the cat species in North America, similar with the British Shorthair and European shorthair.
Oriental shorthair active, curiosity is big, like the high jump and the people, loyal to his master. Also like to play the woman, the personality is similar to its ancestors Siamese cats.
I very happy to show this video to all friend that love animals or pet like me.
I wish you all friends that watched my videos have good luck healthy all together and happy in your life.
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