Toy Shortage Emergency Plan !!!

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Miss Lucy has prepared a Toy Shortage Emergency Plan for when all of the Toys R Us stores close down because the Toy Bureau is expecting a nationwide shortage! Addy and Maya practice their drills and even call on some special YouTuber friends for help!

A special thanks to “Sandaroo” from the Sandaroo Kids [DisneyCarToys] YouTube channel:

And another special thanks to “The Assistant” from TheEngineeringFamily YouTube channel:

Music Credits:
Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds
Northern Regions by Travis Loafman
Bug Soup by Be Still the Earth
Pearl Diver by Isaac Joel
Power Play by Bryant Lowry
Give by OBOY
No Exit by Caleb Harris
Elephant in the Room by Mucho Kaka
What I Need by Hawksilver
Nazca by Isaac Joel
Cassini by Isaac Joel
1999 by Alter Ego
Juggernaut by Matt Wigton
Just Take My Money by Caleb Harris
Let’s Play by Valdi Sabev
The Vegas Go-Go by Dresden the Flamingo
Come Over by Finn’s Fandango


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