Training A Cat to “Wait”

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Kieran is demonstrating “wait” (a variation of “leave it”) with a piece of freshly boiled chicken that he had learned while as a young kitten. This was a behaviour that was necessary to teach him because he would viciously barge his head into food before it was finished being served. Now he can patiently wait and will not eat until he’s given the visual and verbal release cues. He’s very patient but focused as you will observe.

Cats can also learn the “wait” cue commonly taught to dogs as Kieran proves.

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Kieran is a Domestic Short Hair cat (a mixture of Abyssinian/Tabby). He has learned many behaviours with the use of positive reinforcement with a clicker. Positive reinforcement training is force-free training thus animals eagerly choose to perform their behaviours of their own free will.

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